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Shirley Billson Works With Organisations Who Want Courageous Leaders, Inclusive Thinkers, and People Who Perform Beyond Their Best

Shirley is a motivational speaker, inspirational speaker and conference keynote speaker. She specialises in keynotes to transform performance and delight customers with courageous goal-setting, and the performance power of inclusive thinking. She is available for corporate, community, health and education clients.

Inspiring Thought on Courageous Goals & The Performance Power of Inclusive Thinking

Shirley Billson is an exceptional communicator, whose ability to inspire and challenge is guaranteed. Not only does Shirley live and breathe an inspiring thought philosophy around courage, goal-setting, and the performance power of inclusive thinking, she has helped countless people in the corporate, health, community and education worlds to change the way they think – and act. They learn how to transform their own performance, so that everybody benefits.

Safe hands.

When working with Shirley you will be in safe hands. She’s been speaking for clients just like you for more than 20 years and has delivered thousands of presentations in that time. She provides keynote speaking for audiences small and large, for international and national conferences, in schools, businesses, universities, and NHS trusts.

If you want to add something unusual, inspiring and challenging to your next event, book the motivational speaker, Shirley Billson.

Whether or not you a looking for a Motivational Speaker in Worcester, a Motivational Speaker in Worcestershire, a Motivational speaker in the UK, or an international motivational speaker, you’ve found what you are looking for.

Serving your needs.

Shirley knows what is required to ensure your traditional or online event runs like clockwork. She always shows up. She can adapt any presentation to suit the needs of your specific audience - and at short notice.

She's great at picking the audience up and re-engaging them in that post lunch slump or midway through a raft of speakers with overwhelming content, when the audience needs time to reflect and refocus. 

Need her to shave a few minutes off her presentation to get your agenda back on track? No problem.

Need her to create a bespoke presentation for your delegates so that her message is aligned with what you’re trying to achieve?

Then book motivational speaker and conference keynote speaker Shirley Billson. 

We know that when booking a speaker your reputation is at stake. Believe us, with motivational and conference keynote speaker, Shirley Billson, your reputation will remain completely intact afterwards. Your delegates will be engaged and enthused.

As a highly versatile and experienced speaker, Shirley can adapt her keynotes and other presentations to meet the objectives of her clients. However, she has many years of experience working within five specific areas:





The most successful people in 21st century business are those with courage and vision. They are unafraid to fail, and unafraid to challenge the bias of traditional thinking to create opportunity.

Change is a constant in any business environment but the current economic climate needs people with innovative, brave and positive mindsets, perhaps more than ever before.

Shirley’s own story shows how she had to overcome exclusion, discrimination, self doubt, receivership, redundancy, and bullying, resulting in a long period of debilitating fear, anxiety, depression and debt. 

When she finally realised that only she could turn things around, by tapping into hidden reserves of courage and harnessing the positive power of maverick thinking, she quickly went on to become a commissioned author and an inspirational speaker.

Because of extensive personal experience, her keynotes pack a powerful punch that can be tailored to suit your corporate audience. Whether you want to celebrate success, reward your team or recharge them for the challenges ahead, Shirley Billson will inject the right ingredients to make an impact.

Which means you can count on Shirley to inspire, challenge and motivate people at all levels within your organisation from the most senior managers to the office cleaners.


People working in the public sector are either vilified and demonised or set on pedestals. Motivation can suffer. Yet, some of the smartest people make their mission the support and care of others.

People in the public sector find themselves dealing with uncertainty all the time. They are subject to regular political upheaval and restructuring.

Shirley Billson knows what it is like to work within the public sector, having previously been a senior manager in a Primary Care Trust, and Communications Manager within a local council. She knows just how hard it can be to work with integrity, bringing your best every day, when there's often a real risk of public humiliation, institutional bullying or fear of litigation. 

There are some outstandingly talented people who need to 

feel empowered and valued at every level of the organisation, to be encouraged and motivated to keep moving forward despite facing new challenges brought about by constant change.

Which is why you can count on Shirley's keynote to uplift, inspire, motivate and bring renewed hope to public sector employees at all levels within the organisation. Her own story shows just how much we can achieve when we change our mindsets.


Success online demands greater speaker commitment...

The online space makes very different demands of your speakers. Speakers who are great on stage with a visible audience can fall flat in an online event. You need the confidence that your online speakers will connect on a personal one to one level. Ideally, they will also be ready to deliver advance content, plus provide pre- or post-talk Q & A, connecting with your audience at a number of touch points and over a more extended period. 

Shirley Billson has more online experience than most professional speakers, because she has organised, hosted and been a guest on webinars, podcasts and her own 21-day international telesummit, 'The Bigger Life Revolution'. She even had a guest speaker fail to show up on a live broadcast and had to come up with content on the fly to keep her audience engaged! Which means you can rely on her to quickly react and respond to whatever situation is thrown at her.


Speakers can make or break your event or conference, making you the hero or the villain

Nothing makes or breaks your event like a speaker. When you've put so much hard work into organising your event or conference, co-ordinating mutiple moving parts, from catering to venue, tickets to AV, you breathe a sigh of relief when delegates show up.

But, if your speakers are anything other than great, your whole event can suffer, making planning for the next event even harder!

What you really want is an inspiring and flexible speaker, who motivates your audience, copes with AV glitches, keeps to time, and even helps you make up time when another speaker over-runs. Shirley Billson is that speaker.

You can rely on her to speak to time, accommodate altered timetabling issues, cope with slideshows that don't work or audio that fails, all with good humour. Better still, audiences love her inspirational content and engaging delivery, which sometimes include live demos with audience volunteers, whether it's on a large stage or something smaller and intimate. 


There's always at least one teacher who makes a positive difference

Every adult that interacts with our children has the potential to make an enormous difference to how the lives of these children unfold.

Teachers know this, and it's why they enter the profession, to share their passion and transform young lives, so they achieve their potential. Sadly, too many teachers feel overworked, undervalued, their mental health suffers and this trickles down to the very young people they seek to help. At the same time, many school leaders feel powerless to do anything but collect data. 

Shirley Billson helps motivate, inspire and re-engage teachers and school leaders with bold leadership strategies, so they can feel better equipped to do what they do best. 

Shirley is currently writing a book for Speechmark, a Routledge company, on courageous leadership and mental well-being in secondary schools.


Shirley had the very tall order of sharing the concept of Resilience (in 15 minutes) to a group of 15-17 year olds as part of the Young Enterprise Gloucestershire Launch Event 2019. Shirley struck a chord with some key messages around taking action and brought in some great role models who weren't afraid to fail. The feedback was great and I am sure that everyone in the room left feeling inspired.

Emma Norman

-Young Enterprise Gloucestershire


Shirley spoke at a Masterclass that we ran and I was really impressed with the way in which she connected with the audience and gave them great insight into the benefits of controlling the mind for better results. The short example that she demonstrated to the audience was immediately impactful, and I have no reservation in recommending her.

Peter Sylvester



It was great to have Shirley visit our Academy. Shirley reminded us of what we can do which will help us support our young people better. Thank you to Shirley for her time and support!

Izzy Mair

-Attleborough Academy


Shirley was an inspirational presenter and I have already used some of the techniques she shared with us.

Julie Flanders

-Achievement Expert


As a child born into an ordinary working class family, Shirley firmly believed she was stupid and didn't feel like she fitted in. She compromised her own career and life ambition early on by settling for 'being realistic,' despite believing she was capable of way more. She felt repeatedly excluded and discriminated against because of her class and gender. However, at age 19, when she discovered she was bright enough to be a member of Mensa, she began collecting formal educational qualifications in the belief that this was the key to life and happiness. For a while, it seemed it was. 

Setting aside a series of poor work and relationship choices, including an abusive partner, she achieved her goal of becaming a board director of a recruitment advertising agency before her 29th birthday. Parenthood soon followed and this coincided with recession, the loss of a business and a confidence crash. Believing she was re-inventing herself after divorce in 2002, she was really repeating old habits and soon became, in her words, unemployable.

Success Reframe by Shirley Billson book cover

Turning Things Around

She began working for herself, initially as a clinical hypnotherapist and then a business coach, and surprised herself by making money. She created a range of online courses, webinars and downloadable products, hosted an international telesummit and, in the bright Autumn of 2012, she self published a book about achieving success.  

However, by 2013, she was in debt, depressed and broken. A state that lasted six long years. 

Shirley has turned her life around by tapping into courage and harnessing the positive power of maverick thinking for bigger goal setting and rapid achievements. In just one year, she has created an impact speaking on national conference platforms, providing inspirational keynotes for Young Enterprise, designing a self help course for business on inclusion and diversity, and has a book deal with Routledge, in which she invites courageous leadership on mental health in secondary schools.

Shirley Billson is set to become an internationally recognised professional speaker, diving deep into the underbelly of courage and performance-led inclusive thinking, revealing how individuals, schools, businesses, and society itself, can grow stronger with a simple shift of mindset. Whether you want to inject a courageous, innovative attitude in your leadership team, get everyone excited to be more, or improve performance by challenging traditional thinking, and goal-setting, Shirley knows how to challenge, inspire and engage with an audience so that people start thinking and behaving differently for the benefit of all. 

One to One Work

Shirley provides exclusive packages, specifically helping women, 30-55+, to become stronger, braver versions of themselves so they can confidently nail the job they want, shape the job they have and luxuriate in more guilt-free time. 

Marriage Makeover

 In collaboration with Harmony House, Shirley works privately with women in relationship crisis to restore their confidence and succeed in achieving positive change on their terms. 

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