In 2017, the Prince’s Trust monitored the happiness of people aged between 16 and 25.

Over half said they didn’t feel emotionally strong enough to deal with setbacks in life.

61% stated that they regularly felt stressed.

53% said they regularly felt anxious

27% said they felt hopeless on a regular basis

Early intervention can prevent serious mental health issues

With positive mental wealth, every young person can lead a self-assured, fulfilling life.

At The Mental Wealth Factory, we work alongside secondary schools, colleges, universities and staff to deliver programmes that bring hope, resilience and improved self-esteem to young people during their formative years.

We’re passionate about our work and are confident we can bring about change to improve mental health in schools and universities. A focus on mental wellbeing creates a positive and vibrant culture and improved outcomes in any educational setting. Our work includes bespoke talks, workshops, staff CPD, PSHE and pupil premium programmes – whatever is needed to help our young people achieve long lasting mental wealth.

Please, feel free to browse the site, to see how we can help to improve mental health provision in your school or university, but also do get in touch, we’d love to hear from you. The next step on the road to a brighter, more positive future for your pupils and students starts right here.