About Us

As teachers, parents and carers, we all want the best for our children and young adults; we want them to be happy, healthy, successful and confident. In the real world however, when faced with modern day pressures, the reality can be somewhat different.

The Mental Wealth Factory was founded in response to the increasingly alarming headlines and statistics that evidence a decline in mental health amongst teenagers and young adults. And whilst many approaches seem to be to fix things when they are broken, we prefer to take a more proactive approach – to build resilience, personal skills and competencies before issues arise, so they have the tools to turn to when problems do occur.

In short, we’re seeking to build the mental wealth of the nation’s children and young adults so that they positively thrive and enjoy their formative years.

How do we do this?

Through a series of group and one to one programmes, we start by acknowledging the issues of today, and work to create a trusting relationship in which our young people can feel confident to talk and share their thoughts, and to be open to exploring new ways of dealing with them.

We work in schools, further and higher education colleges and universities, to run workshops that help create awareness of students’ own mindsets, how they approach life, and how it is possible to fulfil their potential and live a full life with purpose.

We also work with individuals, to provide bespoke support and guidance that is tailored to the issues and concerns they are facing at the time, and to help them see a way forward with new skills that will help them approach the future with more confidence and direction.

Whether it’s worries over exams, problems at home, relationships, career choices or other issues that cause anxiety and poor mental health, we’re here to engage with youngsters on their terms. We’ll work on building life skills so they are better able to cope with the more challenging aspects of being young so they can feel more in control and visualise a brighter, more positive future.

What qualifies us?

We’re qualified professionals with practical experience in secondary and adult education and/or therapy, neuro linguistic programming (NLP) hypnotherapy, meditation and mindfulness; and we’re DBS cleared to the highest level, with appropriate safeguarding skills.

Our work involves creating and delivering programmes, events and workshops to promote confidence and self esteem and it is often in these practical sessions where we see a real shift in wellbeing and a boost to mental wealth.

Find out more about how we can help. Contact Shirley Billson at Shirley@thementalwealthfactory.co.uk.

Programmes for

School Pupils Years 9–13

Pupil workshops – how to stay mentally well and remain resilient under pressure
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School Staff

CPD workshops - How to stay mentally well so you can look after your pupils’ wellbeing
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Fresher Focus

Proactive programmes to look after student welfare during the crucial first year
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