About The Mental Wealth Factory

The Mental Wealth Factory supports schools, parents and individuals to transform mental health

The Mental Wealth Factory was founded in response to three key factors:

  • the alarming headlines and statistics that show a decline in mental health amongst teenagers and young adults, with parents and teachers at a loss for solutions;
  • the external pressure on schools to churn out higher grades and pass rates, and to manage spreadsheets ahead of relationships;
  • the associated impact on teaching staff that, in turn, impacts on school performance, staff costs and pupil mental health.

We believe these three factors combine to amplify the mental health problems experienced by young people. In short, it damages their long-term futures.

Which is tragic. Because we know how much parents and individual teachers care.

Here at the Mental Wealth Factory, we’re seeking to build the mental wealth of the nation’s teenagers and young adults. So that they positively thrive and enjoy their formative years.

Mental health in schools

Many mental health approaches seem to focus attention on  identifying problem areas or specific children at risk.

But we believe this is a resource-intensive distraction. Because there are longer term solutions with deeper impact.

So we recommend a shift of focus and a wider remit to look at whole school performance.

How do we do this?

Working with courageous head teachers in secondary education

Our whole school approach is both preventative AND performance based. 

It is not a sticking plaster, bolt-on solution that can be delivered through a single twilight CPD session and a few mental health assemblies or PHSE classes.

Why? Because it’s important to support parents, teachers, students and leadership teams with mental health.

But it’s also important to recognise the impact of spreadsheets and numbers. Rather than ignore them, we incorporate them in measurable outcomes.

We’re interested in lasting, measurable change that benefits the whole school. It requires deep-seated commitment from head teachers.

Research based strategies

We draw on research-based tools and thinking from the fields of positive psychology, meditation, solution-focused practice and occupational psychology.

Applied consistently, they contribute to:

  • building resilience
  • developing confidence
  • creating a growth mindset
  • improving performance
  • preventing many mental health issues (amongst students AND staff) from arising in the first place.

There’s also evidence that these strategies can measurably improve performance of pupil premium and other disadvantaged students.

Working with parents

Through 4-hour weekend, daytime or evening workshops, we help parents better support and understand their teenage children and the pressures they are under.

With research-based tools, we help you understand the way they think and feel. So you can help them feel more confident, calm and in control.

Because, when we’re calm, confident and in control, we get to fulfil our potential and live a full life with purpose.

100% of parents who attended have said they feel the health and well-being of their family has been improved as a result of attending the course.

Working with anxious teens 

Anxious teenager

We also work privately with individual teens, to provide bespoke support.

We’re here to engage with young people on their terms.

Whether it’s worries over exams, problems at home, relationships, career choices or other issues that cause high anxiety and poor mental health.  

Our support is tailored to front of mind concerns, so we can help you see a positive way forward. Quickly.

We use tried and tested tools of solution focused hypnotherapy, positive psychology and meditation. Because research and experience shows these work.

When you feel more in control, you’re able to visualise a brighter, more positive future.

What qualifies us?

Founder, Shirley Billson is a fully qualified solution focused hypnotherapist. She has more than a decade of experience, working directly with hundreds of private clients.

She has run numerous training workshops:

  • for parents of teens
  • secondary teaching staff
  • students
  • clinical psychology teams
  • fellow hypnotherapists.

She is a regular motivational speaker for Young Enterprise Gloucestershire and a qualified family and adult education tutor for local authorities.  

She practises Transcendental Meditation and Positive Psychology and teaches simple meditation techniques to complete beginners.

She has also been a business coach, a marketing consultant and is a published author.

(P.S Not that it’s relevant, but she also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, swims great butterfly, loves trees and hates running.)

For an exploratory conversation, contact Shirley Billson at Shirley@thementalwealthfactory.co.uk or chat with our friendly Instant Messenger bot. ‘She’ has the answer to many FAQs.

Programmes for

Secondary Schools

A whole school approach, preventative and performance based, supports parents, teachers and students
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Parents of Teens

Weekend and evening workshops to help parents of teens, so they can be happier, calmer and achieve more.
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Young people

1 to 1 referral sessions for anxious teens, combining solution focused hypnotherapy, meditation and positive psychology.
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