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School Pupils Years 9–13

After years of looking for the elusive secret to self confidence, I was starting to give up hope and thinking perhaps this was as good as it got.

I instantly felt at ease in Shirley’s company and felt confident in her approach and this I believe is one of the main reasons for the results I have achieved. 

Professional, intelligent, considered, approachable, friendly, funny and compassionate – Shirley is all of these things and I would recommend her without hesitation.

Natasha Hatherall-Shaw, TishTash
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10 week PSHE term programme for years 9-13

This course can be adapted to meet Pupil Premium needs – and help your school meet 2019 OFSTED demands for a bold curriculum

Pupil workshops

A typical course includes:

  • What’s going on in my head? A beginners guide to neuroscience – understanding how the brain works, discovering how we all learn, how our minds and bodies handle stress and why it matters to be aware of stress factors
  • Whose life is it anyway?  The changing role of self and others. We’ll explore the dynamics of confident decision making, the impact of outside influence and external approval and how our brains interpret feelings of guilt
  • What causes fear & anxiety and what can you do about it? We’ll look at the causes of unwelcome, negative thoughts and how to change them, discovering how the brain understands events – imagined vs real and the role of the inner critic
  • Stopping dangerous habits before they get serious Understanding how the brain deals with emotional overload, what to do about it and what you might want instead
  • How to figure out what you really want for you, and then make it happen The step by step guide to building confidence – from small events and conversations to bigger dreams, goals and aspirations, including exam topics, lifestyles and career choices

Programmes for

School Pupils Years 9–13

Pupil workshops – how to stay mentally well and remain resilient under pressure
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School Staff

CPD workshops - How to stay mentally well so you can look after your pupils’ wellbeing
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Fresher Focus

Proactive programmes to look after student welfare during the crucial first year
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