Anxious young boy

The reason I choose to work with teenagers and young adults…

…is NOT because older adults don’t stress, worry, get anxious, doubtful, down, afraid, lack confidence, question whether the person on the outside matches the person on the inside, feel like they’re not good enough, struggle with perfectionism or identity.

It’s because, by the time most of us reach 27, we’ve passed a turning point.

We’ve committed to a career, a life choice, a job, a person.

And, whether we’re happy with that choice or not, however miserable or doubtful we are…

…we’re in too deep.

The perceived ‘risk’ of change and ‘loss’ are such that we won’t take the steps to learn how to make life dramatically better….unless it gets dramatically worse.

Young adults, on the other hand, can gain that confidence and overcome that anxiety or fear BEFORE they make those huge life decisions.

If we help them.

If you’re a parent, carer or relative of someone 14-26, who seems a little too perfectionist, or more anxious than you think they should…don’t just put it down to time of life…or exam pressure….or hope they’ll grow out of it.

Talk to me. While there’s time.

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